Strip Freeze with Scarlett and Kasady (ft. Kevin) (HD)

The game is Strip Freeze, where the object is to stop a bouncing dot in the green area, which forces your opponent to let you strip her while avoiding the red area, which costs you a garment. I think that perhaps brace-faced Kasady didn’t understand these fairly simple rules, as she started out by just pressing the button whenever. She eventually realized the error and started playing for real, but not before her mistake has cost her several articles of clothing. Will the correction save her from the fate of the loser, or will it be too late?

Kevin starts by telling the loser to get his dick hard, but all she does is spit on it and jerk it clumsily. With this girl, you have to be specific, so eventually Kevin tells her to put her damn mouth on the thing. The winner grabs the back of the loser’s head and pumps it back and forth to show her how it’s done.

Kevin then fucks the loser from behind before sitting on the couch and ordering her to sit on his cock, facing outward. After a little while, he has her spread her legs over his, giving us a great view as she rides. Her modest but lovely breasts bounce as much as they’re able. Then Kevin rolls her onto her back and the winner decides that she wants a piece, too. She pinches the loser’s nipples while she’s fucked, then gets out her tits and rubs them in the loser’s face. Then it’s back to doggie, with the loser’s head on the winner’s bared chest.

Kevin, by the way, is wearing a stylish T-shirt. Want one? If there’s enough demand I’ll put it up on Spreadshirt or something.

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