Wheel of Torment with Richard, Addie, Ashley, Conor, Selah, Mouna, and Kylie (HD)

Here’s another blast from the past, as incomparable Ashley returns with fellow veteran Addie. Joining them are the much-requested Mouna and chubby blonde Selah. And dudes Conor and Richard. It’s a seven-player free-for-all game of Wheel of Torment. It’s simple: when it’s their turn, they spin the wheel, which has spaces labeled Strip, Make Someone Else Strip, Safe, and mini-forfeits like taking a spanking from the other players or fondling your own boobs. And if you land on a Strip space without any clothes to take off, you lose the game and must suffer the consequences: losers get hogtied, blindfolded, and tickled by the winners.

The 21-minute game is long but fast-paced and fun, the players bantering and a lot of stripping. Sadly, a lot of the mini-forfeits ended up being done clothed or mostly-clothed, so I think I need to reconsider the design of the wheel, but there’s plenty of skin on show.

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