Strip Torange with Hope, Sparrow, and Avi (ft. Julie and Kyle) (HD)

Julie! She’s one of my favorite (and most popular) players. She’s also one of our most senior, having been at for nearly ten years now. Well, it’s her birthday, and we’re celebrating with cake. Sweet, sticky, messy cake, all over the loser. Julie spectates while the other three girls compete to see who will be the victim. Kyle is also present, but after giving a somewhat awkward intro he too falls into the role of spectator, since I don’t think many people want to see him covered in cake.

The game is Torange, and just for the record, Hope, there is no such thing as an “Oros-Boros.” Also, “calico” is not a breed of cat, so good on you, Sparrow, for standing your ground.

They start by singing Happy Birthday, which is finally in the public domain, so sorry for that, and then it’s on to the cake. The frosting flowers end up on the loser’s nipples and knees, and Kyle lights the candles. He makes sure to drip a little wax on her body. The cake gets smooshed all over the loser’s naked body, frosting is troweled on her, and sprinkles are added. There is finger painting.

But they can’t resist the delicious cake for long, and soon they’re munching on the loser’s body. She’s not left out, though, as the winners feed her some cake. The frosting is smeared until it’s a uniform shade of Orange.

This game was played at Dante’s house, and the loser apologizes to him for what she’s about to do to his shower. The shower scene was pretty long, so to avoid making this video over an hour long we played it at 3x speed. If you want to see the whole thing as it happened, just slow it down.

Happy Birthday, Julie. We love you.

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