Strip Memory with SarahBeth and Stefanie (HD)

Dreadlocked Stefanie and ex-trucker SarahBeth play their second game. Its Strip Memory, played using Marvin II, a piece of software I developed cuz Im a geek. The loser of their first game had to pose for the camera. This time, the loser will not only end up exposed, but shell also have to play with herself for a full five minutes while the winner gets to video her.

Since the clothes can come off in any order in this game, one of the players quickly finds herself topless, but she manages to keep her breasts hidden under her scarf and vest. It takes ten minutes for the loser to be fully stripped. The loser, as shes getting ready to rub her pussy for all to see, tries to pretend that the forfeit was for only two minutes, not five. The winner fiercely corrects her and makes her go at it for the full duration. By the way, the loser complains of the game being rigged, which I assure you it was not. Shes just a sore loser.

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