Strip Freeze with Carmen and Dylan (HD)

Dylan and Carmen, two of our wildest and craziest friends, face off in a game of Strip Freeze for an artistic forfeit. The game, if youíre not familiar, involves the players taking turns trying to stop an electronic bouncing ball in an ever-shrinking target. The game starts off with one of the players going on a losing streak, which keeps on extending as she gets more and more pissed.

The loser gets to paint the loserís naked body. She strips to her undies first to avoid staining her clothing. As the paint approaches her skin, the loser remarks about the artist Pablo Picasso, who famously cut off his ear to send it to Marilyn Monroe. (I love her, I really do, but I didnít recruit her for her art history expertise.) The paint is cold, of course, and the loser squeals. The winner gives the loser a purple nurple and a fire crotch. She paints a lovely rabbit on the loserís backside, using her butthole for the nose. Finally, she presses the loserís painted body with a canvas, preserving the artwork for eternity.

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