Estonian Roulette with Tiana, Amani, Serena, Jessie, and Alicia

I've always striven for diversity at, so I was happy to welcome Tiana, ebony beauty, Serena, Nubian goddess, Alicia, dusky princess, and Amani... uh... hot black chick. But then something horrifying occurred to me: what if people didn't think was diverse, but segregated?? I couldn't have that, could I?

Thinking quickly, I turned to Jessie. Jessie wasn't there to play: she'd just driven the other four girls to the location and was hanging out until they were done playing. I asked her if she'd be willing to join the games, and with some help from her friend Tiana, I was able to persuade her. So here, presented for your approval, are five girls playing Estonian Roulette, including a token white girl.

They play to two losers, who must then engage in conjugal relations with a couple of bananas, which the girls named Quan and Rodrigo. (I want to stress that I didn't come up with these names.)

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