Strip Croc 'n' Balls with Rainy and Ember

Okay, here's one that pushes a boundary or two.

We haven't seen Rainy in a year. Last time she played here, she was nine months pregnant. She literally gave birth (to a happy, healthy boy) the week after. Well, time has passed, she's gotten her figure back, and she's ready to play again.

Some people thought it was sick or perverse for Rainy to be featured here in her condition. If you're one of those, you may want to stop reading here.

As it turns out, Ember (last seen trying to resist a forced orgasm against Chelsea) is Rainy's sister, and Rainy came by to pick Ember up after her games. Remembering the successful and popular series of games Ashley played against her sister Kala, I asked if the two of them would like to play against each other. "Okay", said one of them, "but our limits would be way tighter with each other." I nodded; both girls had fairly permissive limits and I didn't expect either to get too dirty with her own sister. "Yeah," said the other, "nothing harder than a forced orgasm."

Yeah, okay. So here we are, two sisters, playing the new game of Croc'n'Balls, putting a golf ball into a crocodile's mouth in hopes of stripping and humiliating each other. The winner was Ember, who completely skunked her big sister. Not only did the winner make her sister cum more than once, the poor girl actually squirted. Regrettably, this was not caught by any of the cameras, but she left a huge wet spot on the couch.

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