Strip Candy Passing with Lela, Kandii, Addie, and Dakota

Presenting our first ever four-player game of Candy Passing, and what four players they were! Feisty Lela and pint-sized Dakota are fairly new to but are already among our favorites. Kandii makes a return appearance after her last series, when she utterly wiped the floor with Angel. And then there's Addie. One of our first players, Addie made her first appearance in 2008's Episode 018. She's played in a dozen games since then, but we last saw her in Episode 192, more than three years ago. Welcome back, Addie. We missed you.

Two of the girls pass a candy between them while making out, and the other two have to guess which one has it. Guess wrong and you strip, or if both girls guess right, the passers have to strip. If a girl loses but is already naked, she's the ultimate loser and gets the punishment.

For that punishment, we whipped out a new toy: a dildo gag. This is a device with straps to go around the head, a little latex cock to go in the mouth, and a thick latex cock jutting from the wearer's jaw. The naked loser gets this thing strapped to her face, and then the winners humiliate her, mocking and taunting her and making her play with her fake cock and real pussy at the same time. And that's not all. The loser has to stay naked and keep wearing the dildo gag for the next game (Episode 392) and the other girls toss rings at her. The loser of that game gets intimately acquainted with the business end of the dildo gag, but that's another game.

The dildo gag was suggested by a fan named Cofo at the blog. We love getting ideas from fans. If you've got something you think would make a good forfeit, let us know! You just might see it happen, and we'll give you a free copy of the first clip using your idea.

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