Strip Musical Chairs with Zayda, Elise, Jane, and Bijou (HD) (BONUS)

Three veterans who've never played with each other return, and bring along newbie Bijou while they're at it, to play a game that is long, long overdue at

Musical chairs. N girls, N-1 chairs. Music stops, sit in chair. If you can't find a chair, take off a piece of clothing. Repeat until you have three naked losers.

We're trying a brand-new forfeit this time. The losers end up doing something we're calling "69 Triangle." (Anyone got a better name? Post it on the blog.) In any case, you can probably envision what it is.

Features a cameo appearance by my cat Goliath, who came in to sniff around the losers as they paid their debt. They didn't notice

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