Strip Ball Stacks with Dolly and Nettle (HD)

Slinky Nettle and tiny, tiny Dolly are back for their second game. The first time these two played, the loser ended up embarrassingly exposed. This time, the stakes get a little higher, a little more intimate. The loser has to show the winner, and the cameras, and all of us how she masturbates, spread open with no way to hide.

They play a new game: Ball Stacks. Our wizard Hippo 3D printed out a bunch of rings, we got a big bag of tennis balls, and the girls race to stack them up without causing them to fall. Initially the girls won when they made a stack six balls high, but that proved too easy so we made it seven. The first girl to successfully build a stack picks an article of clothing for the loser to remove and then twirl.

Like many new games, this one needs a little tweaking before we use it again, The rings come in different sizes, which one of the girls noticed and snagged all the big, easier-to-stack ones. Next time, well give each girl an equal share of the various sizes of rings.

During the forfeit, the winner takes pictures of the losers shame, but honestly theyre not very good ones. The loser giggles and blushes as she masturbates, and cant really get turned on, but its a good show regardless.

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