Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors with Ana Molly, Belle, and RyAnne (HD)

The game is entertaining but slow, since Belle uses her legendary brashness and RyAnne used her giant natural tits to distract. (As the clothes come off and the boobs come out, Belle and Ana Molly debate whether their modest charms, added together, would equal RyAnnes. Probably not.)

The winner gets a camera to film the losers as they go through their paces. We do this often, give a camera to a winner, in part because the winners are in the scene and can get right in there, while if we tried to get those close-ups wed risk blocking another shot. Some of the winners are pretty good with the camera, others not so good. The winner here shoots possibly the best footage weve seen from a player. (Theres a lot of probably the best in this clip description.) As the losers do their yoga poses and are forced to assume positions that open them up and leave them exposed, the winner gets great shots of their most intimate areas. She has great fun with the yoga poses themselves as well, giving each her own creative name. Examples include your leg is a dick, earn that dollar, and taking it in the ass while trying to give a guy a handjob. By the end, the losers are sweaty, breathless, and weary. We couldnt stop laughing while filming and editing this one.

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