Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors with Cierra, Desiree, Helena and Yesenia ft Jay (HD)

The gang is back, and this time, they’re after more than just spankings. Jay’s not a player in this game. Instead, he gets to submit the two losers to his sexual whims. (I swear, sometimes I don’t know why I even pay these guys. They should pay me.) After his somewhat awkward intro, the game of Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors, king-of-the-hill style, begins. I mentioned in the last video that these players represent a very ethnically-diverse group. They’re also quite vertically-diverse, and since the winner of each round gets to strip a piece of clothing from the loser, it gets kind of entertaining when a short girl beats a taller one. Cierra’s tits are just about at Desiree’s eye level when they play each other. Those big tits jiggle pleasantly when she throws. Desiree, by the way, is a dirty dirty cheater, past-posting all the time until she gets called on it.

The game lasts about 14 minutes. If you do the math, that leaves over 20 minutes for Jay to have his way with them. (The winners help out, too.) Since I want to respect fans who don’t want spoilers, I’m going to call the losers Tall and Short. Tall starts off sucking Jay’s dick, while he picks up Short like a rag doll and falls over backwards, planting her pussy on his face. One of the winners helps Tall out (?) by bouncing her head on Jay’s cock. The other winner feels up Short’s tits.

Jay has the losers make out with each other while one rides his cock and the other his face. A winner grabs her cellphone to get some nice closeup shots. She also grabs Jay’s balls just for the hell of it. It turns out that the girl on Jay’s face is a squirter, as he finds out when he gets a faceful. He makes the girls get on the couch facedown, asses presented, and fucks Short’s very tight pussy from behind while spanking Tall’s jiggly ass. The sight is so sexy that one of the winners gets hot and spreads and rubs her furry pussy.

Then comes a double-blowjob, during which both losers demonstrate that they’re great at sucking cock and taking it deep. It’s Tall’s turn to get fucked from behind, tits flying and ass bouncing, eating Short’s pussy until she cums again and squirts in Tall’s face. Jay switches back and forth between his prizes, ferociously pounding Short to yet another orgasm while Tall watches and masturbates.

Jay then picks up Short and fucks her in midair while holding her. She’s slippery after so many juicy orgasms. She’s made to clean off Jay’s cock with her mouth before Tall has to sit on it. She bounces up and down and comments that she feels like a basketball. I’m not sure if that’s racist. She’s gasping and getting close to orgasm when Jay announces that he’s going to cum inside her. She asks him instead to “paint a pretty picture.” A few spanks from a winner send Tall over the edge, and we all get to watch her cum. The girls lie back on the couch to be “painted”, and the winners make them spread wide so that we, they, and Jay can get a good view. That does it for him, and his copious load splatters all over both girls and even hits one of the winners on a ricochet. The winner makes Tall clean her off with her tongue.

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