Strip Air Pong with Helena and Selina vs. Starli and Alisha

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Team games tend to build competitive spirit, and this is no exception. Selina and Helena team up against Starli and Alisha in a game of Strip Beer Pong. Actually, it’s just Air Pong, with the cups empty, since not all of the players have reached the legal drinking age of 21. (We’re nothing if not law-abiding here at Lost Bets Production.) But one of the players comments that she’s getting wasted on “air beer”, so I guess it worked. Team spirit is high as the girls try to distract each other with their words and their bodies. One of the girls points her ass at one of her opponents who is trying to aim, and the shot ends up hitting the rim and rolling around before falling out. (The rim of the cup, I mean.)

It’s a close game, right down to the wire. It also goes a bit long, since the players apparently didn’t know they could call for re-racks, but since the extra time consists of hot mostly-nude girls bantering, I didn't think anyone would mind.

But it didn’t really matter what the winners ended up wearing since they have to get bottomless anyway to enjoy their prize, as the losers have to go down on their knees and then go down on the winners. One of the winners breaks out her cell phone to get some nice close-ups of the loser eating her pussy. It gives her a nice backlit glow. One of the winners grabs hold of her loser’s conveniently-hanging hair to rub her face into her cunt while she licks her like a. The losers are good sports about it, and both winners have their orgasms.

By the way, one of the players has a tattoo of what looks like Papa with a pipe riding a goat. Uh, okay. I’m sure that’ll look just as good and be just as relevant when she’s 80.