Strip Foosball with Gracie and Roxy

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The universe hates hubris. I’ve seen it happen, over and over again, many times. A girl will start the game on a winning streak, she’ll brag about how great she is and how she’s going to strip her opponent naked without losing a stritch, and then boom, her luck turns around and she finds herself rapidly losing her clothing. That happened in this game of Strip Foosball, with the offender going on a losing streak and before long, she finds herself topless with her boobies swaying enticingly from side to side as she plays. Her panties come off next, and with both girls completely bare, it comes down to the very last round.

The loser has to fuck herself with a dildo. And not just any dildo, a special dildo. It vibrates, but the vibration is controlled via Bluetooth from an Android app. The winner controls the app, and as the loser penetrates herself, makes it vibrate unpredictably, bringing the loser to an uncontrollable orgasm.

By the way, one of the girls seems to have a tattoo of a wand massager coming out of a bundle of flowers with HERS written underneath. Anyone know what the fuck that’s all about?