Strip Freeze with Pearle, Helena, and Violet (ft Kevin)

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We last saw the delicious trio of Helena, Violet, and Pearle back in.

They're back, and lucky Kevin gets to deliver the forfeit to the two losers. It takes about 7 minutes to strip the losers naked, and the rest is the hardcore punishment.

It starts with a paddling, just so the losers know who`s boss.

The winner decides to get involved, fetching a strap-on. There`s a double-headed BJ, and fucking in several different positions involving all four people, with the Kevin and the winner dominant, of course.One of the losers manages to rip the winner`s latex penis right off. Kevin finishes off on the loser`s faces.

He manages to get some in one loser`s eye, which I`m told stings like a motherfucker. Poor girl.

By the way, one of the winners talks smack about Trace, who was in Episode 511. He happened to be in the room at the time, watching this game.