Earth and Fire with Scarlett, Kevin, and Kasady

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It’s another co-ed game of Earth and Fire, where two girls and one guy compete to see who can be forced to orgasm first. The lucky dude is Kevin, while his opponents are brace-faced Kasady and Scarlett, last seen 100 episodes ago in Episode 469, sporting an all-new hairdo. The loser is the one who cums first and as the penalty for being unable to hold back their climax, he or she gets all sorts of humiliating things written and drawn on them by the winners,

One of the players has very bad luck, and their color on the spinner comes up again and again. That player is also, it turns out, very sensitive, and it isn’t long before they’re shaking and groaning and their hips thrust involuntarily as the orgasm builds. It’s barely five minutes before they can’t take it anymore, announces that they’re about to cum, and then does.

The winners gleefully grab the markers and set to work degrading the loser. Among the things written on them are “cum slut”, “enter here” (guess where), “penis eater”, and “cum dumpster”, with a helpful arrow pointing to the loser’s asshole. By the way, I just learned how to say that in American Sign Language, thanks to Dirty Signs at this link. The winners also give the loser “bend me over”, “[winner’s name] was here”, and of course plenty of dicks. (One winner draws a big black cock, then says “wait, that’s not right” and makes it bigger. They finish off with a quick game of Tic-Tac-Toe on the loser’s back before making the loser turn, pose, and bend over so they can showcase their work.