Red's First Shoot 2007-03-08

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On March 8, 2007, I was in a hotel suite, getting ready to meet the very first girls, Ashton and Mia. That shoot is history now, but most of the footage from it has never published, mainly because I wasn’t satisfied with its quality. I had no idea what the hell I was doing, and the lighting was awful, as was the camera work, and the dork holding the camera who insisted on talking during the games. I kept the material to myself and went on to do and publish better shoots, but that shoot has stayed in the archives, getting virtually dusty, Until now. Presented here, over an hour of crappy SD footage at a bargain price.

There are five games in total. Keep in mind that in those very early days, the episodes were almost entirely about the slow loss of clothing, and the forfeit was sort of like the cherry on top rather than a major focus. These girls were very modest and shy (Mia especially) and wouldn’t have opened their legs for explicit shots of their pussies, let alone do anything sexual. This was fine with me, as I was very shy myself at the time and wouldn’t have dared ask them to do anything sexual anyway. Bottom line, don’t expect anything hardcore.

The first game is the only episode from this shoot that was actually published, Ashton and Mia, play Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors. The loser had to do a naked twirl to show her naked body to the camera. It was the first time I’d seen anything like this, and I was dumbfounded through this and most of the rest of the shoot.

The second game is what I’d later call Battlestrip, but this time I called it by the name of the commercial game, which may or may not be too generic to be trademarked, but I played it safe and bleeped it. The game lasted longer than later games of Battlestrip because I wised up and restricted the size of the board. Ashton and Mia had the whole board to play with, so it took some time for all the ships to be sunk. The loser had to pose for us, although again, legs would not be opened. Mia, by the way, is unbelievably cute when she blushes as she strips, her cheeks flushed as she giggles nervously.

The initial plan was for me to pose the loser, but after I made her do a twirl, the winner took over. I let her do it, as long as she promised to give us a good show. She first makes the loser stand with her hands on the wall and sticks out her ass, and the winner slaps it. She then makes her go into doggie-style, facing the camera, breasts hanging free, and bark. Finally, she has to lie on her back on the bed and make “stripper legs” in the air.

Game 3 was what we’d later call Bender. The spinner is spun and the shots are called by my buddy Jed, who was along for the shoot and who would later be The Expert. We did a terrible job of enforcing the rules, allowing them to be flagrantly broken. The girls wore bikinis, because why not? The winner got to strip the loser personally. Ashton has a definite advantage in this game, standing a full foot taller than Mia, but Mia puts up a fight, and then there’s all the rulebreaking. But there can be only one, and despite exposing one of her nipples when it pops out during the game. It’s the winner’s choice of forfeit, so after considering making the loser ice her nipples, she decides that she should lie face down on the Bender mat spread-eagle, with one hand and foot in each corner. This is the closest we get to a view between anyone’s legs, and it’s not much.

For Game 4 the girls played Jingo in front of a roaring fire. They had to pull wooden blocks out of a tower, and if they pulled out a block with a black X on it, they got to make their opponent remove a garment. If they knocked the tower dower, though, they lost everything, including their dignity as the winner got to choose a forfeit. There’s a funny bit near the beginning when Mia brags that she’s only lost her socks so far, before realizing that her top has slipped and she’s exposing a nipple. Her hand jumps to her breast to cover. It matters not much as she ends up playing much of the game topless, her perfect tits standing out proudly. The game goes on for a while and the tower reaches impressive heights, getting increasingly precarious and making the girls nervous. The loser had teased the winner with making her ice her nipples last game, so the winner turned the tables and got out the ice cubes. After the ice has been thoroughly rubbed over her tits, the loser declares that her nipples will never be soft again, and the winner notes that they could cut glass.

The fifth and final game was Strip Surgery, with the loser receiving a spanking from the winner.