Strip Basketball Flippies with Tobi and Stefanie

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Hey, remember the last time Tobi and Stefanie faced off? The loser of that one not only got a butt-plug, she had to wear that butt-plug for all of the next game. Well, this is that next game. If you happen to notice that one of the players seems a little uncomfortable, that’s why. The game is a new one: Basketball Flippies (hey, I forgot to come up with a name for the game earlier so I was under time pressure), where each player has a supply of balls and one of those spring-loaded flippy things. The first player to get all of her balls in the hoop wins. The loser, big surprise, loses a piece of clothing. She gets to pick what she loses but the winner gets to take it off. The ultimate winner gets to do whatever she wants to the loser, with the butt-plugged girl having to keep the plugin through the forfeit, win or lose. Tobi, by the way, is fantastic in this, like she usually is.We’ve certainly had players who were younger than she, and arguably ones that were hotter, but she’s still one of my favorites. She’s about the most real girl we’ve got, starting off as an amateur who’d never been naked on camera and going on to recruit several of her friends to join in. She’s super-competitive and she always gets into the games, taunting the losers mercilessly. She’s not everybody’s favorite, but damn, do I love her. This game was played on her birthday, by the way. Not really relevant, but it’s a fact.

The winner cackles gleefully at her victory and then hogties the loser. The winner walks off, leaving the loser immobile to wonder what’s in store. That’s answered when the winner returns with a wand massager, apparently intending to reprise the forfeit from Episode 038. The loser shudders as the massager touches her cute vagina. Her face flushes red. And the flush spreads to her entire upper body. Her thighs tremble and the winner excitedly exclaims that she can feel her whole body tense up as she’s forced to orgasm. After the forfeit, the loser of the previous game has her butt-plug pulled out by the winner. It’s a rather humiliating experience.