Strip Shockinaw with Anneliese, Kevin, and Krystal

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Ah, Shockinaw. The game where if you’re not fast enough, you get an electric shock. I used to feel guilty about subjecting my players to this, but I’ve gotten over it. In this case, one of the players turned out to be very bad at the game and was totally pwned. In a scant 4 minutes, one of the players is completely naked, while the other two haven’t lost a damned thing.

But if you wanted to see the other players naked too, that’s fine, since they strip down for the forfeit: the loser’s body becomes the property of the winners, to use as they see fit. And the short game makes for a long forfeit as the winners have their way. By the way, if you’re one of those who try to avoid spoilers before watching an episode, you should probably stop reading now, since it’ll be impossible to describe the forfeit without spoiling at least whether the loser was male or female.

So Kevin starts the forfeit by kindly licking the loser’s pussy while the winning girl fondles her tits. But it’s not long before the loser is the one going down on Kevin’s dick, and getting her ass fondled as well. Then she’s getting pounded from behind while being made to lick the winner’s pussy. (The winner seems to be chewing gum while all of this is happening. Violet Beauregard, eat your heart out.) They move to a seated cowgirl position while the winning girl rubs the loser’s clit and sucks on her tits before standing above her to get her pussy licked while the loser is bouncing on Kevin’s cock. Then she’s getting fucked on her back while the winning girl rides her face. Then doggie style with more pussy licking, but the winning girl’s needs get sadly neglected as the loser loses herself to pleasure from the fucking. She’s laid on her back, spread wide, and fucked hard and deal as she cries out uncontrollably, before getting her tits splashed with cum.