Strip Mogadishu with Cass, Lydia, and Avi ft. Dante and Thomas

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Please, new girls Lydia and Cass. They’re as opposites in height as they can be, with giant Lydia towering over petite Latina Cass. Both girls have very large titties, with Lydia’s being all-natural while Cass has implants. Cass assures me that they were just to replace the breasts she was born with, which had begun to sag but were the same size. I’ll believe it when I see pictures. They’re joined by Avi, making a return appearance, while Dante and his friend Thomas spectate.

The game is Mogadishu, which is like rock-paper-scissors but with five throws instead of three. I don’t think it’s that complicated (note that the throws for air, earth, and fire look like paper, rock, and scissors, and work the same way as far as what beats what) but the girls were frequently confused. They even picked the wrong winner at least once, Ah well. Not my problem.

The girls, especially the new ones, are kind of quiet and nervous. That’s understandable, considering that it was not only their first time but risking nudity on camera ever. And also considering what’s in store for the loser. Dante and his friend Thomas are waiting and watching eagerly since they get to take the loser however they want. She’ll be a sore loser, and not in the usual sense.

It starts with the loser kneeling between the two losers and jerking their cocks while they play with her naked body. Then Dante lies on his back and orders the loser to squat on his cock, which she does. Then, as the winners enjoy the show, Thomas gets behind her and penetrates her ass, and she experiences her first ever double penetration.

The winners reach in and grab a few handfuls as two cocks pump the loser’s holes. Then Dante lifts her up and gets acrobatic. Thomas, though he has a good all-time in the loser's ass, isn't able to finish. Don't judge him; it can be really hard for an amateur to cum while the cameras are rolling, especially his first time. Dante, of course, has no such problems, and spurts a generous load on the loser's tits, before ending her ordeal with a cock slap.