Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors with Hope, Avi, Julie,Sparrow, and Kyle

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Usually, when there are new girls I’ve never seen naked before, I rest easy, secure in the knowledge that they’ll probably lose at least once by the end of the day. Other times, especially when the new girls are exceptionally cute, I just want to see as much bare skin as possible as quickly as possible. There are a few tricks I can use to make this happen short of actually rigging the games, which I hate doing and almost never do. For example, our usual rule that a player is out of the game if she loses around while (naked rather than when she’s lost her last piece of clothing) makes it more likely that the game will last longer and more clothes will be lost. Another really good way is to play a game king-of-the-hill style, where the winner of each round stays to face the next player while the loser is sent to the back of the line. This makes sure that winners have to risk their clothes every round while losers get a break before risking stripping again. This dramatically raises the expected clothing loss for the whole game. It works very well, and it worked pretty well here.

The loses have to twirl after stripping, and the newbies look quite nervous as the game progresses.

The winners get to videotape the losers as they’re forced to go through some explicit nude poses and have a great time doing it. The losers are made to bounce, causing various body parts to fly
around. They have to sit and spread, showing almost everything. They have to stand, bend over and spread their cheeks, showing the rest. They’re told to do the splits or at least try, and one of the
players demonstrates extraordinary flexibility. Finally, they freestyle, and it’s good. Julie is at her cutest and silliest, and she eggs the losers on to creative ways of exposing themselves. The
players also have to do the Macarena, which I’d really think these people are too young to know, but whatever. We’re left with some red-faced losers and gleeful winners.