Strip Facial with Alisha, Selena, Starli, and Helena

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New game: Strip Facial. It’s pretty simple. The girls take turns turning a knob, and the unlucky one gets a faceful of cream. It works pretty well (especially the “faceful of cream” part) but the spring that flings the ersatz jizz is a little weak. We’ll beef it up before next time.

Appropriately for a game involving facefuls of cream, the loser has to get wet and messy, She hangs her head in shame as the winners discuss her forfeit. She’s to be turned into a human dessert, covered in cream, chocolate syrup, two different kinds of sprinkles, caramel, and strawberry sauce. And some Cool Hwip. And maraschino cherries. I kept everything in the refrigerator ‘cuz I’m mean.

The winners try to put one of the cherries in the loser’s belly button. But she pops it out, so they put it in her butt instead. In fact, they pay a lot of attention to her butt in general, She’s completely covered in a layer of sprinkles, in every crack. It’s truly a work of art.

The winners taste the loser at the end, and who could blame them? The loser does what wet-n-messy losers often do, and hugs the winners to spread the mess.