Strip High Card with Kyle, Hope, Sparrow, Julie, and Avi

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Sparrow and Hope are back for their second appearance. (Avi is playing her second game too, but she’s already appeared in another episode that was filmed later so I don’t know if it counts.) Joining them are veterans Julie and Kyle, here to handhold the newbies through their first mildly sexual forfeit: three losers have to masturbate on the couch while the other two get to watch.

The players have fun. The girls especially like it when Kyle has to strip, whooping and cheering as he gets closer and closer to revealing the trophy. Sparrow knows better than to get cocky (I’ve seen pride lead to a fall many, many times here) but when she starts winning she ignores her own advice and brags about it. She pays a price for it. As for Julie, after being seen naked many times and having done all she’s done, she’s maybe a little less embarrassed than she used to be but she still blushes cutely as she loses. Hope has a tiny frame with oversized tits, which is always nice. And Kyle, in case you don’t remember, is hairy. Very hairy.

The first player to lose does so very quickly, but after that, the game tightens up considerably and soon all of the remaining girls are down to bra and panties. One of the girls saves her panties by taking off a very unusual piece of clothing… you’ll see. At first, I was afraid that none of the newbies would lose and the only three masturbating would be three players we’d already seen. You might even hear me muttering something to that effect in the audio. But then, through an extraordinary bit of good luck (not bad luck, from the loser’s point of view) one of the girls I was hoping would lose lost. That run of luck had no help from me, by the way. The game was played completely fairly and things just happened to turn out great. That happens a lot here.

It’s going to be hard to discuss the forfeit without revealing at least partial spoilers, so if you’re a no-spoilers stickler, you should probably stop reading now.

The winners get handheld cameras to capture the best views as the losers open wide and start performing. They open so wide we get very nice views of everything, including some starfish peeking out from underneath. One of the girls traces out the ABC’s on her clit, so apparently, that technique is not just for cunnilingus. The newbie loser blushes to be masturbating in front of so many people, so another of the losers reaches over and helps her out. Meanwhile, the male loser grabs her boob and remarks that it’s been a long time since he’s gotten to do that. Then he grabs both of them, then the other girl’s, then begs for a boob in his mouth, opening it like a baby chick begging for food, while the girls eagerly watch.