Strip Torange with Carmen and Dylan

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Dylan and Carmen, Carmen and Dylan, two of my favorite wild chicks. Well, one of them is wild, anyway. The other one might be more along for the ride, but she gives as good as she gets. They’re both feisty and they both love taunting each other when they lose. It’s a highly competitive game of Torange, with frequent arguments and (IMHO) some answers that were plainly bullshit. But I have a policy of avoiding interference with a game unless the players appeal to me, which they didn’t, so answers like “Elevation!” and “Jesus!” when the category was things in the sky were allowed to stand. They’re just not very good at this game. And here’s a tip for Dylan: yes, France is indeed a country. And Europe does not start with a U.

The winner gets to put the loser on the Greyjoy Cross and do whatever she wants to her, and in this case what the winner wants is to play with the loser’s pussy using a Bluetooth-controlled internal vibrator, then make the loser play the whole next game while wearing it.

The winner at first has trouble getting the vibrator into the loser’s tight pussy, but with a little effort (and a little help when the loser gets wet) she manages to push it all the way in. She has more fun talking smack and playing with the vibe before the loser is let down to mentally preparing herself for the next game and what’s going to be happening to her during it. By the way, lately, I’ve taken to yelling “cut!” after a forfeit but keeping the cameras rolling, just to catch the candid reactions after the game is over. I included some of that post-roll here. Apparently, the winner is the “worst friend ever”. I can see why she thinks that.