Strip Beer Pong with Tyler and Tobi vs. Dylan and Sassy

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Please welcome back this awesome foursome. It’s a 2-on-2 game of Strip Beer Pong, with Tobi and Tyler squaring off against Dylan and Sassy. They’re a high-energy bunch, as is usually the case when Tobi’s involved. During the game, it comes out that three of the four of them were cheerleaders in school, and they show off some of their moves. You may have seen Tobi get a real, honest-to-goodness tattoo of Lost Betsy next to her pussy, well, this is pre-tattoo so don’t look for her. Drinking so much so quickly is not easy, and one of the girls nearly pukes it up but she’s able to contain herself. The game lasts nearly 20 minutes but is engaging throughout, and it’s a very close match.

It’s wet-and-messy for the losers, as the winners start off wield chocolate and caramel sauce. I kept them in the fridge until they were ready to use because I’m mean and it’s hilarious. Caramel sauce goes right up one of the loser’s butts, and her reaction is priceless. Then out comes the whipped cream, which is used to cover the losers despite one of them protesting that she’s a vegan.

Next is a barrage of mini-marshmallows. The winners cry “shame! Shame!” while pelting the losers, making it rain. And them some rainbow-colored sprinkles and stars. It looks like unicorn bukkake. When it’s all over, one of the messy, sticky losers gives one of the winners a nice big hug. This happens a lot. Maybe I should warn the winners, but I don’t want to.

Finally, the winners gloat as the losers hit the showers to clean off. While they’re scrubbing off, the winner sneaks back into the room and steal what remains of the candy. Typical.