Strip Mogadishu with Avi, Sparrow, Hope, Kyle, and Julie

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Everybody’s favorite group of five is back to play Strip Mogadishu. If you’re not familiar with the game, you’re not alone: the players aren’t familiar with it either. (It’s our version of Rock-Paper-Scissors but with five throws instead of three.) Despite slow play due to the confusion of the players, the game is over in a snappy nine minutes, partly because each player only wears 3 garments.

As mentioned, the loser is strapped to the cross and mercilessly tickled by the winners. The cross exposes the loser’s armpits, ribs, and inner thighs, and with such juicy opportunities for the winners, it isn’t long before the loser is shrieking and flailing in a futile attempt to get away. The winners continue their assault on the hapless loser until they can barely keep control of themselves and yells that they’re going to pee if they don’t stop. Rather than slowing down and giving the loser a chance to rest, the winners redouble their efforts to force a mortifying loss of bladder control, and the poor loser can’t help themselves and squirts out a splash of urine before regaining control while the winners laugh and cheer. Embarrassment is not nearly a strong enough word for what they experience.