Strip High Card with Lydia, Cass, and Avi (ft. Dante and Thomas)

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Spunky Avi. Petite Cass, with her enormous (if obviously fake) tits. Tall and curvy Lydia. All three are back to play a simple game of Strip High Card. Dante and Thomas watch with interest since they get to take the two losers as they see fit.

The winner of each game gets to take a piece of clothing from the loser. One hapless girl ends up losing four times in a row and is left stark naked, just like that. If you do the math, that leaves over 20 minutes for the forfeit.

The boys each pick a loser, and the girls take their clothes off before warming them up with a couple of blowjobs. We gave the winner a camera to hold to record all the juicy details, and she did a good job, capturing some great (and explicit) closeups.

Dante keeps his loser in his favorite position: doggy style. As the winner walks by with her camera, he flashes her a huge cheese-eating grin. Thomas, on the other hand, sits comfortably and makes his loser sit on his dick and ride him cowgirl style, then reverse cowgirl, then he screws her doggy style, side-by-side with Dante. It looks kinda like a horse race, with jockeys urging their mounts to higher speeds.

Dante finally tries something other than doggy style, receiving a little head before getting ridden by his own cowgirl. Thomas gets creative, spooning his girl and fucking her from behind while she frigs her own clit. In the end, they decide to finish with a mini-bukkake and jerk off in the girls’ faces. That was the plan, but the girls can’t resist lending a hand. Or a few hands and a mouth, to be precise. Cocks are jerked. Balls are licked. Clits are rubbed. And the winner captures it all on film.

Sadly, despite the best efforts of the girls and himself, Thomas is unable to cum. That’s not uncommon with amateur men, who sometimes find that achieving orgasm while cameras roll. So don’t feel bad, Thomas. It happens to lots of guys the first time. And it wasn’t a total loss anyway, as Dante (or, as I like to call him, “Old Faithful”) has enough to paint both their faces. The video finishes with a 3-minute scene of the girls showering the gunk off their faces.