Earth and Fire with Cora, AngieJo, and Jennie

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Cora, AngieJo, and Jennie. Three amateurs on the pudgy side. If you like seeing “real” girls, you’ll probably like these. And if you like voluptuous black women in purple lipstick, AngieJo might be the girl for you. Jennie does the intro, and it’s very stilted. She’s nervous because the other two girls will soon strip her naked and try to force her to cum.

At least one of these girls was a little concerned about sharing bodily fluids with strangers, so they’re armed with vibrators. Each girl has a dedicated vibrator for the others to use on her if she’s the victim. AngieJo, it turns out, almost never holds the vibrator or even gets involved, and Jennie calls her on it. She gets her comeuppance though, as it turns out that she is very sensitive to her designated vibrator, and is soon squirming and panting when it’s her turn to be on the receiving end. All three girls want to win, but all three girls can’t help becoming aroused as the other two work on her, and so all three have to fight to hold back an orgasm. It’s finally too much for one of them when one of the other girls buzzes her pussy with the vibrator while rubbing her clit with her thumb. She can’t take it, and with a cry of “! ! !” she’s forced into a huge orgasm. The winner is kind enough to work the loser through the orgasm before she collapses in utter exhaustion.

As a penalty, the loser has to take ten barehanded over-the-knee spanks from each loser. To be frank, though, this wasn’t the best spanking scene I’ve ever seen. All of the girls were exhausted and still tingling from the stimulation. The winners are far too nice and most of their spanks are little more than love-taps. This one is more about the game itself than the forfeit. But at least we see the loser’s ample booty jiggling with each slap.

By the way, Jennie still has some marker ink on her from a game that was skipped and hasn’t been published yet. Let me know if you want to see that one, and if there’s enough interest I’ll add it to the queue.