Julie Pays the Price

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Okay, here's the situation*. One day, Julie, Amber, and Sassy got together for a few games, including Episode 600. All the rest of that day turned out just as good, and you'll see them all in due time. But when it came time for them to play the last game before we called it a night, Julie wasn't feeling well and asked to be excused. I was extremely disappointed to lose her, but of course, her health had to come first. But I was determined to get my money's worth, so I insisted that once she got home and felt better, she had to film herself masturbating and send me the video. She turned pink (I love when she does that) and stuttered and stammered a bit, but eventually agreed to do it. And here is that video. You might notice that it's over 20 minutes long, which is pretty long for a masturbation scene. Well, I've got to hand it to Julie: she makes good on her promises. Every minute of this video is worth watching.

When she first debuted at LostBets.com, Julie was very shy. Years of careful coaxing have gradually opened her up and loosened her limits. You're welcome. But this is different from everything she's filmed before. This time, she's all alone, with nobody there except the all-seeing eye of the camera staring at her as she masturbates. And the camera a constant reminder of the hundreds of people on the other side of the lens also watching her. She has to put on a show for strangers, lying naked in the bathtub, on display as she makes herself cum over and over.

Oh yes, over and over. Did you know that Julie was multi-orgasmic? Neither did I. She uses a little purple vibrator, her friend as she calls it, and touches it to her clit. She holds it there for a short while before pulling it away and changes her breath. She does that again and again: buzzing her clit for a little while and then relaxing and panting. At first, I didn't know what she was doing, but then I realized that she was having a series of cute little orgasms, again and again. I lost count, and I'm sure she did too. And those little orgasms got less little the more of them she had. Soon they were making her moan and her whole body was flushing red. The more she came, the hornier she got. As soon as she'd finished recovering from one orgasm, the vibrator was back on her clit as she eagerly sought the next one.

By the end, her pussy exhausted and unable to cum any more, but Julie slaps it awake and ekes out a few more. Even with that, she still ends up extremely horny. I envy any eligible man she came across that night.

It was one of the best masturbation scenes I've ever seen. Now, I'd never been so rude as to say that I'm happy that Julie got sick that day because otherwise this video never would have existed. No, I'd never say that. I'll just be sitting here with a shit-eating grin on my face. I'm selling this video at the lowest price C4S will allow, because I want everyone to see it. The more people see how she pleasures herself, the more embarrassed she'll be. I'm going to show her the sales figures, just so she knows how many people saw her, possibly masturbating right along with her.

* If your mind automatically continued, My parents went away on a weeks vacation, you're old.