Strip Torange with Cass, Avi, and Lydia ft. Dante

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Presenting an exciting forfeit we’ve never done before? The closest we’ve come is in Episode 432, but even that one didn’t go quite this far.

Cass, Avi, and Lydia (aka Small, Medium, and Large) play Torange. They’re not the best at it. Ladies, just for the record cantaloupe does not start with a K. And I’m not sure that foreplay really fits in the category Ganes. But what of it? Interestingly, many of the categories apply to Dante himself. Hot things, things on the Internet, things at a party. He even tries to take credit for being in the category of sportsmen. He’s a cockswain.

One of the girls starts off on a roll but then quickly hits a losing streak that leaves her first topless, then naked. But she manages to hold on, and the game gets very close.
And what penalty does she have to pay for losing? She has to go for a ride in Dante's car with him. And on that ride, she has to strip naked in the passenger seat of the car. And then she has to lean over the center console and give Dante a blowjob. Yup. A beej in the car, as he drives around the streets of Seattle. This isn’t one of those greenscreen or rear projection effects you see in movies to make it look like the actors are really driving. This is the real deal. Dante even throws a wink at a passing driver. At the climax, he pushes her head down, muffling her mouth with his cock as he cums.

For full disclosure, I should mention that this isn’t the best in-car scene from a technical perspective. The audio is pretty bad and the camera angles could’ve been better. We should’ve had somebody riding along in the back seat with a camera. But on the whole, it’s still pretty good, and hey, it’s a public blowjob.