Earth and Fire with Sassy, Geneva, and Dylan

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It’s our third game of Earth and Fire in a row, and our second in a row with Sassy. Is anybody complaining about Joining her is Dylan, as wild as ever? And Geneva, with her long auburn hair and her cute chubby little body, is back for the third game on her very first nude shoot. In her first game, she ended up having her nude body oiled all over by the two winners. In her second game, the price of losing had her face buried in another girl's pussy while her own was getting licked. This one will definitely get her naked with her body being stimulated by two girls trying to make her cum. There’s no denying that she’s already getting turned on. Will she be able to hold out?

She’s helped out a bit by the fact that the girls play slowly, taking their time before attacking the girl on defense. She’s also lucky that Sassy and Dylan really have it in for each other and are much more interested in forcing each other to cum than in paying much attention to Geneva. Will it be enough to save her from losing? Maybe. The girls do not shy from putting their mouths on each other’s clits, and that’s not easy to resist. I think one of the players cheated. You be the judge.

The loser, in addition to having an embarrassing forced orgasm, becomes the canvas for the winners as they draw all over her with markers. They’re in a festive, holiday mood because this episode was filmed near Halloween. So they start by drawing jack-o-lanterns on the loser’s breasts, with the apt legend “TRICK OR TEAT?” I’d go for the teat, myself.

They draw a unicorn on her back and a pair of lips on her butt, which one of the winners kisses. Then they get back to the holiday theme and put a turkey on her right thigh and a Christmas tree on her left. One of the winners reminds us to “eat between the holidays”, and slaps the loser’s clit with her marker to emphasize the point.