Strip Foosball with Carmen and Dylan

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Dylan and Carmen return to play a fun game of Strip Foosball. One of the players starts off by kicking ass, winning every round, until she makes the mistake of bragging about it. We all know the fate that befalls the braggart when that happens, don’t we? We’ve seen it happen time and time again that players who brag about their winning streaks see their luck change drastically, and I swear we don’t rig the games to make that happen. Karma just has her eye on us.

Carmen occasionally peppers her speech with Spanish phrases, which I find cute. She says Gracias, which I understand despite knowing almost no Spanish. She says ¡Olé! which I also understand, I think. And she calls Dylan a heeyo de poota. That one I’m not sure of, but I think it means “very dear friend”, or something like that.

The game gets close and intense. Nipple studs go bouncing as their owner frantically scrambles for the handles. The loser does manage to talk the winner into playing one more round. It doesn’t matter. She still loses.

And she has to suffer the penalty, which is to take a strap-on from the loser. I need to warn you guys, though, that this is one of those forfeits that turned out more comedic than erotic. Not only did the4 girls not know how to work a penis but these two are best friends and were very nervous about taking their friendship to this new level. The winner, with her dong swinging between her legs, is more embarrassed than the loser.

Speaking of dongs swinging between legs, the loser seems quite surprised that the balls hang where they can be crushed by the thighs. Yup. Now you know the reason for manspreading, dear. Anyway, as I said, the winner has absolutely no idea what to do with a cock. She can’t get it, except for just the tip, and not for very long. She can’t stop laughing. Eventually, she gives up. The loser tries to get the cock from her, so she can indulge in a little good-natured, but the winner refuses.