Strip Surgery with Tyler, Dylan, and Sassy

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I’ve gotten so many requests to see more of Tyler. Well, your wish is my command, and here she is to play a game of Strip Surgery with Sassy and Dylan. The winner gets to direct the losers in her very own porn scene, sort of like what happened in Episode 545. The girls start off doing well but it gets harder as more of the easy organs are removed, leaving only the difficult ones. As they fail to remove the tricky organs, they’re unable to prevent their clothes being stripped off, and they get closer and closer to being forced to become unwilling porn stars for the winner.

By the way, guess which girl makes a kind of tasteless joke about Parkinson’s Disease. If you know these girls, you should have no trouble guessing.

The game takes about 12 minutes. And I have to say that I don’t know what kind of porn the winner has been watching but it’s certainly not the same as mine. She has one of the losers pretend to be a pizza girl, and a reference is made to Episode 384. Then, using a pillow as an improvised pizza box, she instructs one of her starlets to pretend to feed pizza to the other. Then she has her pretend to feed her the sauce, and then rub the sauce on her nipples and then lick it off. This makes her pretty nipples stand stiffly at attention, Then her cute shaved pussy is played with and fingered, and her clit rubbed. Like I said, an unusual porno, but not a bad one.