Strip Freeze with Aimee and Kimmy (ft. Kevin)

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Welcome back Kimmy, who’s been in 8 or so episodes of Welcome also Aimme, back for just her second appearance after Episode 524. We’ve got one really tall girl and one tiny titan. The stakes are high as the girls are literally betting their asses. Kevin stands by eagerly, waiting to administer the penalty to the loser. The winner gets to join in too. She has no dick, but that’s why latex was invented. It’s a quick game, lasting only six minutes.

The loser gets some swats to her ass just to make sure she knows her place, and then Kevin makes her give him a sloppy, slurpy BJ. The winner makes sure her strapon gets some sucking too. The loser is made to go, cowgirl, then gets fucked from behind As mentioned, the loser loses her ass, and she grimaces as Kevin exacts her punishment. He’s not gentle about it. It’s ass-fucking day for the loser as the winner gets her piece of ass as well. The loser ends up with a faceful of cum and a sore ass. That’s what she gets for losing.