Strip Freeze with Chels and Dee

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The first game that Chels and Dee played here, the loser had to fully expose herself. This is their second game, and the loser is eager for revenge. The stakes are higher as the loser not only has to show her naked body, she has to masturbate for us.

This one was pretty quick. Both players turned out to be pretty good at the game, and it comes right down to the wire. After only about five and a half minutes, we have our naked loser. High heels do not count as clothing. The loser dutifully rubs her pussy to an orgasm, although I’m not entirely convinced that the orgasm was completely genuine. Don’t ask, don’t tell.

This was actually the second game these two played that day, but not the second one published. Barrack's Last Day was published earlier but played at the end of the day. For losing that one, Chels had to go braless for a whole month. If you like ‘em butch, you’ll love Chels.