Strip Bender with Dylan, Geneva, and Sassy

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So I wanna talk a bit about squirting.

Female ejaculation has gotten surprisingly little attention from academia, but the studies have finally started to come in and the consensus seems to be that that the fluid in question originates from the bladder. So does that mean that squirting is “just peeing”? Does it mean that squirting is, as I’ve heard it described, “thinly-veiled watersports?”

Nope. At least, not always. Sometimes, sure, especially in most porn. I’ve seen “squirting” where the girl was clearly just cutting loose and pissing all over everything. But there’s another kind of squirting that’s a lot more genuine. When a woman has a good orgasm, she experiences muscle spasms in her thighs and abdomen. (I trust you’re all familiar with the phenomenon. If not, satisfy your woman for crying out loud.) If it’s an especially good orgasm, these spasms can force a little liquid to spurt out. The quantity is a lot less than it is in porno-squirts It’s completely involuntary, and the girl may not even realize she’s done it until she sees the mess she’s made. It can be mortifying.

Hold that thought for a bit. Fair warning: below be spoilers.

This is Geneva’s fourth game, and she has had one hell of a day for someone who was a video virgin when it started. She lost her first game, and her naked, oil-covered body was revealed to the world. Then she lost her second game and got her pussy sucked by Dylan. Then she managed not to lose her third game, but the game itself had Dylan and Sassy working to try to force her to cum.

At least she’s been spared the ultimate indignity of losing control and being forced to orgasm. But she’s feeling the effects of all the attention her body’s been getting, and she’s ready to pop. And the forfeit for this game would very likely push her over the edge.

The game lasts a little over 13 minutes.

The winners get to play with the loser’s body using a Domi. That’s a mini wand massager, controllable via Bluetooth using an app. (It’s made by a company called Lovense, who makes other Bluetooth sex toys I’ve used in other episodes. I like their stuff, even though they’re not paying me to say that, not even in free vibrators.) The winners get to rub the Domi all over the loser and control the vibrations. Geneva mentally prepares to resist a humiliating forced orgasm, but she can tell from the beginning that it’s not going to be easy. Dylan starts by teasing her nipples, then moves to her pussy while Sassy gradually increases the intensity. Soon, Geneva is squirming and trying to get away, until Sassy throws a leg over hers, forcing them legs apart and leaving her pussy exposed and vulnerable. Despite her efforts, Geneva is getting close and Dylan knows it. The winners work together, Dylan controlling the power while Sassy controls the pussy.

We all know that the longer an orgasm is resisted, the harder it hits when it finally does. And Geneva resists. A wave is rising inside her that threatens to overwhelm her defenses but she manages to push it back before it carries her over the edge but there’s an even bigger one coming right behind it and there’s no way she’ll be able to resist but she tries anyway and here it comes and she’s fighting it and fighting it and… sploosh!

“Oh my God!” yells Dylan as Geneva’s pussy soaks the cushion she’s sitting on. “You’re welcome, everybody!” she crows to the camera, very pleased with herself. Geneva looks down, stunned. This was the first time in her life she’d ever squirted, and she didn’t even know that she could do it. The most shattering orgasm she’s ever had is now immortalized on film for all to see. You’re welcome, indeed. Enjoy!

I didn’t even know that this was Geneva’s first squirt until I overheard her tell Dylan in the changing room. I immediately had them come back out and told Geneva to tell the camera what she’d just told Dylan. For some reason, she said that it was her first time squirting on camera, which is technically true but incomplete. I think she got nervous and mixed “first time naked on camera” with “first time squirting.”. Dylan corrected her.

I do have to say that the game itself has serious technical flaws, mostly because I’m an idiot and decided to spin the spinner and call the shots myself. Turns out I’m not good at it. I sound like a dork, and I say “um” a lot. And my eyesight is pretty bad so I couldn’t really tell what was going on. Sorry about that. Next time better.

After we were done, we decided to turn the cushion over to hide the mess. But when we did, we found a nearly-identical stain on the other side. I guess we weren’t the first to have that idea.