Strip High Card with Endza, Nettle, and Leilani

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Endza, Leilani, and Nettle are back, and this time, two of them are going to get wet, messy, and sticky. At least one of them really hates getting messy, so the stakes are high for her. It’s a simple game of Strip High Card. But it doesn’t really matter what she’s left wearing, since the losers coerce her into a nice big hug, forcing her to strip down and join them in the shower afterward.

You might notice that even though the game only takes 7 minutes, this clip is over 35 minutes long, leaving plenty of time for the winner to take her time decorating the losers, which she happily does. It starts off with strawberry sauce. The mini-marshmallows don’t stick very well, so she adds some caramel and whipped cream. Then some jimmies all over their chests -- in other words, titty sprinkles. Then the winner whips out a tube of frosting, which worked pretty well. As the losers squirm, she writes on them and makes some fine art. The sauces are not very warm, but that’s the price for losing.