Strip High Card with Tessa, Belle, and Zodiac

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We met Tessa and Zodiac on New Year’s Day 2018, but that wasn’t actually the first game they played together. This one was. (There were obvious reasons why Episode 599 had to jump the queue.) For the newbies, it was a time of nervousness and excitement. For Belle, it was a chance to chow down some fresh meat, something she always enjoys. It’s a simple game with a simple forfeit, the losers fully exposed as they do yoga poses.

Tessa, who is a tiny, high-energy Asian girl, does what she does best, which is to be a tiny, high-energy Asian girl. Her friend Zodie, on the other hand, is quite a bit more nervous about revealing her body to everyone, turning red as the game progresses. Belle does well until she makes the mistake of bragging about it. They will never learn, will they? Cockiness is the surest way to end up performing naked for the audience at

As she’s about to lose her top, Tessa asks if we’re ready to see some Asian pears. And if she reads this… Tess, I mean no offense. I love you and I love your tits. But they’re really more like Asian cherries than Asian pears.

Thanks to our custom deck of especially revealing yoga poses, the losers end up completely on display and they’re left with no secrets.