Strip Freeze with Cora, AngieJo, and Jennie

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Three amateurs, three “real girls”, back for more. It’s a short and sweet one, with the loser showing off her O face as the Sybian does its work on her.

This series has been published a bit out of sequence, and this was actually only the second game these three played that day. Since AngieJo didn’t lose that first game, she’s still never been naked on camera before and is pretty smug about it. We’ll see how that works out for her. She does play it smart: when she has the opportunity to choose somebody to strip, she picks an opponent who’s already losing. Most girls pick the opponent with the most clothing left, to “keep it fair.” It’s a poor strategy, and AJ does well to avoid it.

All three of the girls are pretty good at this game, which makes it go fast. The loser was not prepared for the intensity of the Sybian. The powerful vibrations stimulate her butthole as well as her pussy. She’s left impaled and exhausted, shakily staggering to her feet on wobbly legs.