Strip Reacharound with Roxy and Gracie

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Here’s a new stripping game, which we’re calling Reacharound. Let me know what you think of it. Gracie and Roxy are here to try it out, with the loser embarrassing herself in public.

It’s a quick game and would’ve been even quicker if Gracie didn't keep rolling them off the table. The winner of each round picks what the loser has to take off. The loser dresses in an I Lost All My Clothes T-shirt with no bra, a pair of panties with no pants, and one other thing which I’ll talk about in a bit. The winner also dons a T-shirt, and then it’s out to the car and off to the espresso stand.

I don’t know if you’ve got drive-up espresso stands where you live, but here in the Seattle area, they’re everywhere. They’re good places to get a tasty piping hot beverage, but maybe not so much if you’re wearing a remote-control vibrator controlled by your opponent. The loser gasps and reddens while the winner plays, and struggles to hold her composure at the espresso stand window. It’s not easy.