Strip Memory with Tobi and Stefanie

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Okay, here’s an episode I filmed a long time ago but it’s taken some post-editing preparation and hasn’t been ready to publish until now. It’s a fairly ordinary game of Strip Memory, although both of these girls apparently have the memory of a goldfish. They’re not very good at this game. But still, it’s a pretty vanilla game. But the forfeit… ah, the forfeit. If you’re a geek or a maker, you’ll think this forfeit is the coolest thing ever. Even if you’re neither of these things you still might find it pretty cool. Because it is. By the way, if you’ve been following the blog, you’ve probably already seen a spoiler for this one.

The loser gets her naked body 3D scanned and the resulting models of her gorgeous body posted to Thingiverse where you (or anyone) can download them and see her naked in three dimensions. Or if you want, you can make (or buy) your own copy of her. It’s up to you.

I’ve said before that I firmly believe that whatever Powers govern this universe really and sometimes alter reality to suit us. This is one of those times. One of the girls has a body that’s perfect for 3D scanning, but she starts the game on a winning streak. But her luck changes. Fortune smiles at us and frowns at her, and she ends up losing and facing the scanner. As in the overwhelming majority of our games, this one wasn’t fixed or rigged in any way, Thank you, Whoever you are up there.

They get out the scanning equipment, and the winner is gleefully excited. The computer screen shows the loser’s body in glowing green as she’s scanned, and the winner comments that she makes a dope green lady. First, she’s scanned standing up, with one hand cocked behind her head and the other on her hip. Then she’s kneeling and leaning back on her arms, with her knees apart and her crotch exposed. Finally, the winner makes her stand bent over and grabbing her ankles, for that great rear view.