Strip Ballstaks with Kate and Kimmy

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We haven’t seen Kate since Episode 528. Time to fix that. She and Kimmy play the game Ball Stacks, where the girls try to stack balls (duh) and the first one to stack 7 balls wins the round. This turned out to take a really long time, so we quickly reduced it to 6. The girls were still really bad at this game, but one of them eventually gets the hang of it and started winning. The other girl gets frustrated and just gives up.

The loser gets blindfolded and strapped to the Grayjoy Cross to be tormented with a wand massager. The winner teases the loser and holds back just as the loser is about to cum. This continues until the loser is begging for release, which the winner is happy to provide. The loser is left giggling, with a very sensitive body.

Folks, I have to be honest, this isn’t my favorite episode. (This is really lousy marketing on my part, but I’ve said before that I’d much rather have somebody not buy a clip than buy it and be dissatisfied.) The game makes the girls concentrate, which means it’s very quiet, without the candid banter I love. And the loser doesn’t seem at all unhappy to lose. But your opinion may be very different.