Strip Torange with Belle, Tessa, and Zodiac

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Welcome back newbies Tessa and Zodiac (not really such newbies anymore) along with veteran Belle. Today they’re playing Torange, testing their ability to think quickly and come up with things that fit various categories. Not that they’re very good at it. “Ninja Turtles”, for example, is not a movie. But when the category is “things that grow”, two immediately have the same idea. You can probably guess what it was.

The girls only wear three pieces of clothing but they’ve got two “virtual” garments. When they’re down to their panties, the next loss costs them a wedgie. If they lose again, they’re subjected to a front wedgie. Only then can they lose their panties, and the game. Speaking of the loser, she has to sit naked in a chair while the winners get to use her body as a plaything. And they do.

After the 24-minute game, the loser looks mortified. She blushes and covers her face with her hands as the winners start to enjoy their toy. As she’s getting eaten, her thighs quiver as she tries to keep her body from being forced to cun. One of the winners starts to finger her, then discovers her clit. It turns out the loser is a “clit girl”, and can’t resist that stimulation. Do fingering does the rest. One of the winners comments that the loser must be getting close to cumming, but to my eyes, it sure looked like she’d already had 3 or 4 and was working on a fifth.