Strip Cliterature with Dylan, Tobi, Sassy, and Tyler

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The new game, suggested by a fan (sort of). The game is called Cliterature, and it’s a game for two teams of two. A player from each team tries to read a story, while a player from the other team sits under the table and tries to vibrate her to orgasm with a wand massager. This game has potential, but to be honest it needs some rule changes before I use it again. I’ve already thought of a few, and I’ll keep working on it.

On the other hand, this game features Tyler, who’s very hot and very popular. And it includes some nice overhead shots of her bare pussy as Sassy vibrates her clit. In fact, both of the vibrates push their instruments into their victim’s clits. One of them “no read so good”, and she is the one who after 17 minutes finally can’t hold back her orgasm while her opponent gloss about it.

The losers get paddled, after being stripped naked. (One of them keeps her thigh-highs, though. They’re her jam, she explains.) To be honest (again) the paddling was pretty pathetic. These girls were too nice to each other. I need to recruit some bona fide enemies who’ll be happy to wallop each other.

But still: Tyler, bottomless. That in itself might be enough to save this game. Includes some candid footage of the girls after the game.