Strip Fuck-It with Geneva and Dylan

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Who likes pizza? Just about everybody, I think. Now, who wants to be the pizza delivery driver? Well, actually, I did that job myself when I was in college, and honestly, it wasn’t a bad gig. But I never got a present like today’s driver did. If I had, I would’ve liked the job even more.

Dylan and Geneva square off in a game we haven’t seen for a while: Fuck-It. It’s a quick game and lasts a mere four minutes. (I went with a quick game since the pizza had already been ordered and I wanted to make sure the game was decided before the driver showed up.) The loser had to answer the door naked for the pizza guy and offer him a lapdance. She was uncharacteristically shy, and when the driver knocked she slammed the door in his face and opening the door for him, exposing herself in all her naked glory. He was suitably pleased but refused the lapdance, saying it was against the rules. Personally, I think he was just shy, or maybe he had a jealous girlfriend at home, but whatever.

The girls, including the loser, seemed actually disappointed. Johnny had been outside filming, and when he knocked to be let back in, the girls got all excited, thinking that maybe the driver had returned. Alas, it was not to be. The loser did feed the winner some pepperoni off her nipples, which was hot, in two senses. It was sexy to watch the winner eat the pepperoni off the loser’s nipples, of course, but the pepperoni was also literally hot. I don’t think pepperoni pasties will become popular anytime soon.