Strip I'll Show You Mine with Belle, Tessa, and Zodiac

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This is a new game, which we’re calling I’ll Show You Mine. It’s a simple game, using the same clothing cards we use for Memory, but there’s only one card for each article. The players draw cards one by one, and that piece of clothing comes off. It’s quick and it’s easy. Tessa, Belle, and Zodie give it a try.

One thing about this sort of game is that the clothing comes off in random order, so we see a girl struggling to remove her bra underneath her shirt. It should be noted that Tessa and Zodiac, despite being new to this sort of thing, aren’t particularly embarrassed by being forced to strip. I think it’s because Belle is extremely outgoing, and the newbies took their lead from her.

The loser first gets a paddling. Often, paddlings aren’t as exciting as they could be, because the girls are nice and don’t want to really hurt their victims. This isn’t an issue here, as one of the winners seems to revel in giving the loser real proper whacks which made us behind the camera since.

The loser also gets a Lush, a Bluetooth-controlled egg vibrator, inserted into her. The winners have trouble getting the egg into the loser’s extremely tight pussy, but eventually, they manage it and start to play with the remote control. One of the winners is determined to force the loser to cum, and eventually, she succeeds.

Oh, and the loser has to keep the Lush in for the next game. Since that game was Bender, the vibrations inside her pussy were a real challenge to her. You’ll see that one later. In the meantime, I held the tablet which controlled the vibrator. Every now and then, I’d tap it to give her a jolt at maximum power, and I’d an eep from wherever she was at the time. Man, that was fun.