Strip Facial Frenzy with Dylan and Carmen

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Behold Facial Frenzy. It’s like Frenzy, except whoever loses gets a cumshot of whipped cream to the face. At least, that’s the theory. We need to modify the game to include a bigger spring. And we need some way (maybe a strap) to force the competitors to keep their chins to stay on the chin rest so they can properly get smacked in the face when they lose. One of the players is an especially poor sport about this. More on that later.

These two girls are competitive to the point of aggressiveness. The whipped cream gets abused. There’s a great dynamic between them as they both try to dominate each other regardless of the rules. One of the players gets accused of being a fucking cheater, which, to honest, she was. The loser is supposed to get 20 spanks from the winner, but she’s an exceptionally poor loser. She refuses to stay still or even refrain from fighting back. Despite this, the winner does her best to claim the prize she’s entitled to.

I should note that while I’d never condone or encourage the players to drink during one of our shoots, I suspect that Dylan and Carmen may have been sneaking a few nips in the bathroom anyway. Certainly, their behavior is consistent with intoxication as they’re both loud and pugnacious. Oh well. Don’t ask, don’t tell, amirite?