Strip I'll Show You Mine with Amber, Julie, and Sassy

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Amber, Julie, and Sassy are some of our most veteran players, with a combined 28 years of experience between them. They’re here to play a simple game, I’ll Show You Mine. There’s a stack of cards, one for each article of clothing the players are wearing. They draw the cards one at a time, and whoever’s garment is pictured as to take it off.

These girls have great chemistry between them. Julie asks if Sassy’s Last Unicorn tattoo is a pony. Amber wants to bet on whether her bra and panties are the same color. (They are,) One of the girl's talks smacks when she’s winning. If you’ve been around for a while, you know what happens when they do that. Karma hates hubris, and bragging about your victories at is nearly guaranteed to make you start losing. I could warn them about this, but I don’t want to.

The losers after the 7-minute game have to do some embarrassing yoga poses. The winner picks out the ones she likes and holds a camera to get those nice explicit close-ups. The losers, unsurprisingly, get cold. They have to press their bodies together for warmth.