Strip Memory with Gracie and Roxy

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Gracie, with her long hair and modest breasts, is back to take on slightly-chubby nerd Roxy in a game of Strip Memory. And the loser is going over the winner’s lap to receive a barehanded spanking. It turns out that neither of them is very good at this game, and both have difficulty remembering which card is where. It doesn’t help when they shuffle the cards around mid-game. The game comes right down to the wire, and fittingly, it’s a memory failure that ends it.

The loser reluctantly takes her position while the winner prepares to deliver the punishment. The loser has a generous, flesh ass which jiggles like gelatin as she takes her swats. The winner spanks her 20 times and makes the loser count each one. When it’s all done, the loser’s backside is nicely pinked, with the winner’s handprint visible as evidence of how it got that way.