Strip Torange with Stefanie and SarahBeth

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The last time Stefanie joined us at, she spanked Tobi’s ass after beating her at Strtp Foosball, and then proceeded to get her own butt metaphorically spanked by losing game after game after game after game to her. After a shellacking like that, Stefanie was a bit reluctant to come back for more, but so many of you have asked to see more of her that with a little sweet talk I was able to convince her. Joining her is newbie SarahBeth, who was a bit nervous about doing this. I’ve gotta see if I have any outtakes of her talking before the games began. When she gets nervous, she talks, and boy, did she talk.

The game itself was a blowout. One of the players was not good at all under pressure.Since the game involved a newbie, I went with a standard introductory forfeit, with the winner getting to pose and photograph the loser however she likes. The winner was a little nervous too, and had trouble holding the camera steady. But she did get some nice close-ups. She made the loser spread out her pussy lips and her butt cheeks for some of those nice close-ups.